Uniform Policy

The Las Animas Uniform Committee created the uniform selection for our students. All students are expected to wear uniforms Monday through Thursday. Friday is optional; however, we encourage students to wear any Las Animas school spirit shirts. School uniform colors are Navy Blue, White, and Burgundy. We strongly encourage students to wear uniforms they provide positive school pride and school spirit. Your assistance is required and appreciated.

Uniform Exchange

Las Animas parents have organized a uniform exchange that is easy to participate in.  Slightly used uniforms are donated to us and placed in baskets located throughout our campus. You are welcome to take uniforms as needed. Although we need donations you are not required to donate to participate in the exchange. We hope you take advantage of the Uniform Exchange.


It is our objective through the implementation of school uniforms to create a safe and orderly environment at school. Uniforms create an emphasis on a strong academic focus and remove many of the current day pressures on students related to types and fads of clothing.


                Shirts MUST be worn tucked in.

                No jeans/corduroy or leggings (of any kind).

                Belts are to be worn with uniform (slacks/shorts).

                All pants will be worn to fit (no baggy pants).

                All pants will be worn at the waist.


                Students may choose from the following:          


  • White, Navy Blue, or Burgundy polo shirt (boy/girl)
  • White, Navy Blue, or Burgundy turtleneck (boy/girl)
  • White blouse with collar (girl)
  • White shirt with collar (boy)
  • White, Navy Blue, Burgundy, or Khaki sweater (pullover or cardigan) or sweatshirt
  • Navy Blue, Burgundy, or Khaki vest
  • Any top with the Las Animas logo


  • Solid Navy Blue, solid Burgundy, Khaki, or Burgundy plaid color
  • Belted slack pants (boy/girl)
  • Solid Navy Blue or Khaki jumper, skirt, or skort (girl)
  • Navy Blue or Khaki belted walking shorts (boy/girl)
  • Solid Burgundy, Khaki, or plaid Burgundy skirt or jumper (girl)


  • Any type of shoe is acceptable. For safety, all shoes must have a closed toe, and at least a strap around the ankle.


Parents may purchase uniforms at a store of their choice. Here are some suggestions: Wal-Mart, Target, J.C. Penny’s, Sear’s, Kohl’s, and www.FrenchToast.com.