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Student item distribution will happen on Monday, June 1st. The distribution will be staggered by the first initial of your child's last name.
Children with last names starting with A through C, distribution will happen from 8am to 9am
D through  H: 9am to 10am
J through  N: 10am to 11am
O through  R: 12pm to 1pm
S through  Z: 1pm to 2pm

Grades will be spread out by gate.
Kinder will be stationed at Gate 2 (Front Gate Near Kinder quad) - Please follow red arrows
1st Grade will be at Gate 1 (main entrance gate) - Please follow green arrows
2nd Grade will be at Gate 9 (Special Ed Bus Driveway) - Please follow orange arrows
3rd Grade will be at Gate 8 (Green tables / Kinder dismissal Gate) - Please follow yellow arrows
4th Grade will be at Gate 7 (Bus / Biker Gate) - Please follow blue arrows
5th Grade will be at Gate 8 (Grass Field) - Please follow purple arrows

Please refer to the "Item Pick up Map Diagram" attached for more information. Please note and follow arrows for traffic flow and ease access to all parents.

When arriving at the gate, please stay in your car, a staff member will ask for the child's name and teacher and bring your bag to you. Please be patient and do not leave your vehicle.

You may send an alternate person to pick up items if you cannot make it to your scheduled time. Please make sure the alternate person has the child's name and teacher name.  

If you have any questions please reach out to Isabela at isabela.telles@gilroyunified.org

Thank you!