Dual Immersion Program

What is the Dual Immersion Education?

The Dual Immersion program at Las Animas Elementary offers children a unique and exciting opportunity to learn to read, write and communicate naturally in two languages, English and Spanish. Dual Immersion is a 50% English and 50% Spanish standards based educational program. This program provides a sound basis for academic excellence for all students as well as meet the goal for foreign language learning as a core subject.

What are the Critical Components of the Dual Immersion Program(Vision)?

  • Classes made up of 1/3 Spanish speakers 1/3 bilingual, and 1/3 English only speakers.
  • Separation of languages for instruction.
  • Instruction of State curriculum and academic standards through two languages.
  • Highly trained and committed quality teachers
  • High standards where language instruction is integrated with challenging academic instruction.
  • Parent involvement.
  • Strong administrative support.
  • Integration with other school programs.
  • Cross-cultural emphasis.